Sevyn Beach Condo, Hotel and Residences—a luxurious 150-unit development nestled on the pristine Love Beach on the western side of New Providence. This exclusive property features a range of unit types, including 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom options, each boasting a full kitchen and spacious living room area. Designed by the renowned Florida-based Zyscovich Architects, the development embodies tropical modern architecture that complements its breathtaking surroundings.

Sevyn Beach Condo, Hotel and Residences is set on 250 feet of one of the last remaining white sandy beachfront parcels, offering most units spectacular ocean views that encapsulate the essence of luxury island living. The project includes a beach club with a restaurant and private cabanas, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and social gatherings.

Additionally, residents and guests can enjoy exclusive amenities such as a state-of-the-art gym, a residents’ lounge, and a skydeck outdoor living room, all designed to enhance the living experience.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the development with a comprehensive solar system supporting our green initiative, ensuring that Sevyn Beach is not only a haven of luxury but also environmentally responsible. Sevyn Beach offers a unique blend of modern luxury and tropical elegance, making it an unparalleled investment in paradise.


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