vandoff-colorVandoff Construction’s mission has been to provide the highest standard in the design, manufacture and installation of steel framing systems and trusses. Focused on innovation, Vandoff Construction is the first company in the nation to manufacture and install steel framing systems. Using both our innovative and conventional construction methods and experience, we have served both the residential and commercial construction markets. We are proud of our construction knowledge and ability to offer superior, cost-effective steel framing solutions to our customers. We operate our very own 10,000 square foot production facility, where we efficiently manufacture each project off-site; one module at a time.

Vandoff Construction prides itself on using quality building materials and innovative software. We use the highly-recognized Scottsdale System, which has been patented and is in use throughout the world for steel-framing. When building with steel, there are several cladding options that can be used. Vandoff Construction prefers the use of Hebel panels on our flooring and doors, which delivers greater benefits than traditional masonry namely, strength, acoustics, fire and pest resistance. They are also installed faster, saving valuable construction time.

Featured Projects

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